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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

10 Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch

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10 Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch
Here’s a compilation of the 10 best Hollywood films which exhibit hacking at its best

The remaining few years has considered hackers taken a attention because of Hollywood with them performing into nearly each and every theft or thriller movie. Let’s have a look at the 10 best hacking movies.

1# Algorithm (2014)

The modern movie ‘Algorithm‘ tracks the travails on Will, whoever is a freelance pc hacker whoever “breaks between a top-secret government contractor then downloads all theirs lately advanced programs.”

2# War Games (1983)

The film functions David Light man (Broderick), a younger high faculty student hacker whoever by chance hacks into a army supercomputer or starts the countdown to World War III.

3# Hackers (1995)

This cult traditional obtained a brush about things right, specially the pathway she showed children using technology in imitation of gender their personal community. In Hackers, Angelina Jolie then Jonny Lee Miller portray twain young yet hip hackers. Miller portrays a hacker any received caught as like a absolutely younger child (11) afterwards crashing heaps of computers yet has been sentenced according to naught PC get entry to till his 18th birthday. If ye necessity to be aware of whether hackers usage theirs social engineering potential according to be brought touchy small print associated in imitation of your hardware, this film will now not disappoint you

4# The Matrix (1999)

This is some regarding the biggest science narrative movie. The movie depicts a dystopian future into as reality as like perceived by almost human beings is surely a simulated truth known as “the Matrix”, manufactured by aware machines after put down the human population, whilst their bodies’ warmness then electrical endeavor are old so an energy source.

5# Take down (2000)

This movie is based on well-known computer U.S. hacker Kevin David Mitnick. Based atop the e book and written through his nemesis, Tsutomu Shimomura, the representation tends in accordance with apotheosize Shimomura. Mitnick sliced within the 1980s then ’90s and in the end went after prison because of a yoke over years. Now, he is a tremendously paid IT protection consultant, speaker, or writer.

6# The Italian Job (2003)

Although the MINI Coopers are definitely the stars on The Italian Job (a remake about the 1969 movie of the equal name), Seth Green plays Lyle, a hacker among a team regarding prime thieves, whosoever is capable after manipulate site visitors signals, among-st other devices, as perform it pompous theft possible.

7# Live free or die hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard (also acknowledged as Die Hard 4 then launched as Die Hard 4 outside North America) is a 2007 America employment film, or the fourth time among the Die Hard movie sequence depicts a scenario the place a hacker played by means of Timothy Olyphant (of Justified fame) takes under almost the complete U.S. infrastructure of an strive in accordance with switch trillions about dollars beyond the Federal Reserve after his account.

8# Black hat (2015)

Black hat is newly launched movie with the aid of Chris Hems worth. In it film hackers hack China man nuclear limit drive into in imitation of begin nuclear reaction. Simultaneously, that additionally hack the stock trade or snitch million concerning dollars beyond the bank. This movie indicates what a fuscous topi hackers threaten governments.

9# Untraceable (2008)

This film includes a serial adversary anybody rigs contraptions up to expectation deaden his victims primarily based concerning the range of hits acquired by using a website KillWithMe.com to that amount purposes a stay streaming video regarding the victim. Millions concerning people bottom on, hastening the victims’ deaths.

10# Eagle Eye (2008)

In this movie, joining human beings arrive a call beside an unknown number with the aid of a woman. They come a venture over smartphone up to expectation postulate he don’t observe the cellphone call it would die. This movie displays supercomputer hack of all networks yet army networks.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Search Engine Optimization – Linking Methods to Improve Traffic to Site

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Search Engine Optimization – Linking Methods to Improve Traffic to Site
When it comes to linking strategies, make sure to move out the links to a site that may hurt your site’s rank.

An example to this would be a site that places your link on a page with a hundred or more other links and is not an authoritative site. If a site is not getting at least 30,000 users or visitors per month according to traffic estimate, then consider dropping the link or you can also move it down the page. Be sure also to get the quality links.

So what does a quality link means? A quality link is the one that is on a page with a substantial Page Rank of four out of ten or higher. A page that is seen as a PR4 may present on your toolbar as a Pro. If you find a site which was a low quality but had a Page Rank 5 page, you would not want a link from it. This is because you would not like to be surrounded with quality only tests have shown that the majority of high Page Rank low quality sites lose their Page rank overtime. This implies that the benefit or advantage linking with such site is nearly inestimable.

It is also necessary for you to clean up the bad links and errors so that your site will be indexed. It pays to run a clean ship as the saying goes. Make sure you check out for broken links periodically and fix them. If you have an issue with regards to direct link missing, the solution is simple. Direct link missing refers to the page in question which has no longer has a link directly from the home page or a main category page. All you have to do is to get a link on the home page or a main category page to the page in question. If you place a link from your main category page, make sure to verify that the page is listed in the Google index.

On the other hand, tracking links merely for the aim of improving search rankings is nevertheless useless. What’s important is to look for links for their potential worth in leading qualified users and prospective customers to your site, not just for the purpose of search engine traffic.

These are only few of the techniques that will help you with the page ranks and control Google. Remember that doing your business online requires different strategies that will guarantee an online success. And when it comes to traffic tricks, you need learn how to use some effective ways or a combination of these strategies to rule the front page of Google and other search engines. Again, keep in mind that more traffic means more leads, and more leads means more money.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips For The Perfect Landing Page

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Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips For The Perfect Landing Page
Here are my top 10 tips for the perfectly optimized landing page.

1. Change Your File Name
Calling your HTML file “0023.html” is not telling anyone anything. Try including the title or vague description of the page within the URL, be it the name of the HTML document or a folder (although not as effective).

2. Create Clean URL’s/Permalinks
Use htaccess to make clean URLs/Permalinks – Clean URLs (or Permalinks) offer a clear and concise description to the end user and also search engines.

“example.com/articles/cat-food/the-best-cat-food.html” is better than “example.com/0034.html”

3. Use .htaccess to Change Your File Types
Whilst in fact the page title for this specific document is “http://eacharticle.com/2017/seo-tricks/top-20-seo-tip…t-landing-page.html” the actual URL is more like “http://eacharticle.com/?p=5″.  Having a file type, I have found, actually makes Google respond differently to the content. You can also use this to cover up what server side language is being used, in this case, PHP.

Preferentially I like to replace spaces with dashes (“-”) however underscores (“_”) are fine too…. and now I am re-reading this paragraph and the gamer geek in me is coming out… Id like to introduce Kirby (“-”) and Sackboy (“_”) (please ignore reference if not a gamer).

4. The <title> Element
Clear and concise keyword usage should be used here. Try and vary these amongst various pages, its a haven for key words to be identified with strong word weight.

5. Meta Tags (Description & Keywords)
The “description” is vital. Google uses this as a default text for its listing:

Example.com listing from Google.com
If you do not add a default description, Google will use algorithmic technology to pick the most appropriate content of your site.

6. Use the H1-H6 Elements
I cant stress this enough. Do NOT simply change the font size and style of a paragraph to make it look like one. Change your h1,h2,h3 etc to look how you want using CSS. Headers are important keyword elements and should not be discarded.

7. Sitemap for the Users and another for Search Engines
Site maps enable search engines to actively cache pages faster and more efficiently than it can ever do on its own.
An HTML site map is a graphical site map unlike the one for search engines which is XML based (so machines can read it easier). For more information see articles on this site for sitemaps.

8. Focus…
Focus on what your trying to sell to the user/customer. Do not babble on with irrelevant terminology unrelated to your product or service. Focus, focus, focus… that wasnt spamming a keyword, I was just reiterating a valid ‘buzz’ word.

9. Close your elements!!!!
Clean code is good code, make sure your elements are closed with the appropriate closing tags. Open <p>…. close </p>… open <h1>… close </h1>…. I should audition for the next Mr.Miyagi

10. Try using key phrases instead of keywords.
If making a site about dog grooming, its all well and good using the word dog frequently… but use “dog grooming” together gives you more of a chance of hitting a keyword match.

What Sites Are Good To BackLink To?

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What Sites Are Good To BackLink To?

SEO Back Linking Trick 1

Well, what are the best sites to backlink with? Its a difficult decision. Everyone always says
“Don’t spam your site, Google will hate you for it!”
“You’ll get banned from Google for backlinking with irrelevant sites!”
Fear mongering at its best. I have always stuck by one rule…
“If my competitor is doing it… and he/she is above me… then I probably should too.”

I know this makes me sound like a sheep, but I prefer it to make you sound like a hunter. To find the gold you need to find the trail. The trail in this case, is something someone else has already found… with me so far?

That being said here is the magical SEO trick for getting a list of the best sites to backlink to is….
“http://www.MyCompetitorsSite.com” (with quotes)
… but oh my! Is it really that easy? Just type that in Google and see all your competitors back link efforts?! Well…. yeah.

Now all you’ve got to do is look through the sites that pop up and see how and why they are registered with them. When you find a directory service and/or site that you are not registered with, go register with them and enjoy the added page rank that your competitor has that you do not.

SEO Back Linking Trick 2

So you’ve found your competitors linked sites, now what… here’s a second way of finding good sites to backlink with.Another ridiculously easy method which is simply:
Go to Google…
Type keyphrase you want to appear under…
See who’s there…
You’ll find that as well as actual companies/blogs, there will be directory sites. These directory sites aid PageRank and if they are appearing at the top of your keyword/keyphrase search, its highly likely that they are well indexed and sought after links in accordance to Google… This by default means its a good playground to put your name in.

Dont think too hard about if you should or shouldn’t link with someone. Google does not penalise for a single mistake. Purposefully spamming hundreds of forum boards and appearing in places on the internet known to partake in link spamming will be the end of your domain (at some point in time).

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Affiliate Marketing Guide – How to Choose the Right Keywords in Your Niche

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Affiliate Marketing Guide – How to Choose the Right Keywords in Your Niche
Keyword is a very important term in affiliate marketing. If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for some time now, you must have stumble across the term keyword research and how important it is. Keyword research is the foundation of any good website.

In case you don’t know what keywords are all about, here is a short explanation. Keywords are not different from words and phrases. They’re those words that people type into search engines when searching for information.

Over the years, billions of people search for information using Google. And without knowing it, a lot of people search for information using the same or similar keywords.

For example a person that wants to learn how to make money online may be searching for terms like “how to make money online”, “free affiliate marketing guide”, or “make money online fast”. A lot of other people elsewhere can still be using the same keywords as they search the internet.

One tool that can help you to find those words people use when searching for information online is the Google keyword tool. This tool enables you to see the number of monthly searches keywords in your niche are getting. While hunting for keywords in your niche, make sure you choose keywords that have high number of monthly search volume of about 500 and above (special cases exist, e.g. you can target keywords that contain product or author name even if the search volume is low). Another important thing is to choose keywords that have commercial intention.

These types of keywords are called “buyers’ keywords” because they will bring buyers to your site and not just information seekers. Now let’s look at 6 ways of choosing the right keywords for any niche:

1. Choose Keywords that Contain Product Name: Find and choose keywords that contain the name of the product you intend promoting. This is because if somebody is searching for a product name, it means that s/he is already on the verge of buying the product. They just need a little more push before they finalize their decision.

2. Choose words that Contain Author Name: This is another good means of finding the keywords buyers are using. Just search for the author name in Google keyword tool and the tool will show you the keywords people use in conjunction with the author name.

3. Use Crisis Keywords: People that use crisis keywords are in urgent need to solve a problem or get rid of a problem. Such people are on the verge of buying and they’re usually ready to buy on impulse. This kind of keywords contains words like “get rid of”, “eliminate”, “fast” etc. Specific examples include “get rid of acne now” or “how to lose weight fast” or “eliminate dandruff in one week”.

While choosing crisis keywords, make sure that the keyword is related to the product your site is selling. Avoid using words that have more than one meaning. For example, a person searching for “get rid of skin problems” may be implying dry skin, dandruff, rosacea, or a dozen other problems that are not related to the theme of your website. So it is important to ensure that the keywords you target solve the problem and cannot mean something else.

To apply this tip, just go to the Google keyword tool and search for: CRISIS KEYWORD + YOUR NICHE KEYWORD. For example, if your niche is health related, do a search for “eliminate dandruff” and leave the rest for Google keyword tool.

4. Use Buying Keyphrases: Keywords that contains product names and author names are examples of buying keywords. Other examples include keywords that contain words like “buy”, “order”, “purchase”, “for sale”, “refurbished”, “used laptops” etc. People using these keywords are already on the verge of buying.

5. Choose Long Tail Keyphrases: Long tail keywords are phrases that contain more than two words. They usually have lower search volume and are easier to rank for in search engines. You should go for this kind of keywords because they give better result in terms of sales than more generic head keywords.

6. Browse Forums for Keyword Ideas: The Google keyword tool is good for generating keyword ideas, but another good places to look for keyword ideas are forums. If you want to know keywords that are associated with a particular niche, forums are the best places to look at. Browse through forums in your niche and jot down all the keywords you come across. Then go to Google keyword tool and search for each of those keywords. From the result generated by the tool, you’ll be able to select keywords with high search volume.

Also, through forums you’ll also get to know problems people have and the kind of possible products to sell to them.
By using the suggestions above, you’ll be able to target a lot of keywords buyers are using. This way you’ll be attracting buyers to your website and not mere free information seekers.