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Monday, 17 July 2017

Best EDU Site To Start Building Backlinks

Alright Guys,
So as I promised yesterday that I will be showing the second best site to start building you .edu backlinks. I hope you have followed the first one and created some .edu backlinks, if you didn;t then don’t worry you can follow that right now from here.

Hot To Get .edu Backlinks
So lets start some backlinking in .edu sites which will help you to improve your blog/site Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and SERPs.

Here comes the site:
Head to University Of Huston Wiki:

This site is the open wiki for the University of Huston. The wiki page itself is based on third party software, but has been modified to look nicer. Creating a page on this site is no different than creating a page on any standard wiki,  registration is open for everyone, so lets start building some backlinks to improve our SEO. So here how it is done:

Step 1: So your first step will be to create an account to get in there. Here how you do that:

Step 2: Hit on “Create an account” to get started with the sign up page:

Step 3: Fill out the formalities to get into their website:

Fill out the account creation form to create an account. When you are finished you will see the following confirmation screen:

Step 4: Now you are just one move away to create your .edu backlink, now click on you profile link and hit on “Create New Page”:

Click on your user name in the upper left hand corner to bring up your main page.

The wiki page provides a WYSIWYG style editor to edit your main page. The third button from the left will allow you to create internal links. If you link to a page that does not  yet exist, the page will be created. You can create any number of pages in this manner and edit them as you see fit.

Step 5: You are done! Save it and enjoy!!

So, now you have built one more backlink. Don’t its a simple and rubbish that you have built only one backlink, don’t forget it’s a .edu backlink.

So, hopefully you have enjoyed it and learned from this post. Next time I will be here with more interesting articles.

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