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Monday, 17 July 2017

How to search for EDU sites, blogs and forums

Hey Guys,
I was really busy these days working on some projects, but finally I am here with a little but effective SEO tricks about “How to search for EDU sites, blogs and forums”.

Well that’s really interesting to have .edu backlinks as I have already discussed on my previous posts about edu backlinks, if you didn’t read then I would recommend you to read that first.

How To Get .EDU Backlinks
So as we know the big panda Google just loves .edu sites, so having backlinks on theme will help us to improve our page ranks, SEO and SERPs.

So how can you search for those .edu blogs/sites? Of course we will use that big panda as our weapon, only that big G will tell us the location of those .edu sites/blogs and forums so that we can really have the taste of link juice.
Here’s how you can do that, go to google and search like this: "keyword"

It will filter only .edu sites for you and ya put your keyword under quotes or else it wont work properly. After that you can contact the webmasters for link back or if its a blog or forum then you can use the comment box and also the signature box to put your link and have a .edu backlink.

Moreover if you want to search precisely for .EDU blogs and .EDU forums, then you can try searching like this inurl:blog "keyword" inurl:forum "keyword"

Remember you should participate in their discussion and leave your links but don’t go wild and start spamming. So just play around, have some fun and leave your links at your desire.

Moreover, if you want to search more precisely and in advanced level, then search like this: inurl:blog “comment” -”you must be logged in” -”posting closed” -”comment closed” “keyword”

This little operator will search only those blogs which are open to comment.
So happy .edu backlink hunting and post comments if you find any problem.

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