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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Increase Rank on Google in Under 30 Days?

Are you trying to increase rank on Google for your pages with little or no change to their rank? Would you like a simple to follow plan that shows you exactly what you need to do to grab the number 1 spot in under 30 days? If this is you then you will WANT to read what I am going share with you.

When trying to increase rank on Google the first and most important thing is Keyword Research, knowing ‘What is my keyword for the page and how much competition is there for that keyword’.

The reason this is important is you have to compete against the people who are already advertising for that same keyword term or phrase, so if there are 2 million people advertising for that keyword more than likely you won’t be able to beat them for the number 1 spot.

Find a keyword with less competition and you will be able to rank for it easier.
Next you need to write an article that is SEO optimized for the keyword you have chosen. If you don’t know what the search engines require in the article you will never be able to rank for it, or increase rank on Google or any search engine for its keyword. The keyword has to be in the URL, in the title, in the heading, in the body 3-5 percent, and more. And that’s just the basics!

Last you have to build high quality backlinks pointing to your article. A backlink is a link from another site pointing to your article. You can build these by writing article and submitting them to directories, social sites, and related websites.

The best backlinks are ones that come from related sites and also backlinks from authority sites. Backlinks are the key to number 1 listings in the search engines. If your pages aren’t at number one and you have good SEO, build more backlinks and your page will get to number one!

If you have good Keyword Research, good SEO, an ORIGINAL article, and plenty of backlinks then your page will shoot to the top of the search engines with no problem. Learn how to select great keywords, how to properly write your articles, and the best places to get backlinks and you will always have great search engine rankings. And remember, its not rocket science, all you have to do is learn what the search engines look for and then do it the same way every time!
To Your Success!

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