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Monday, 17 July 2017

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization, widely known in the web world as SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of making ones website content more search engine friendly to attract traffic by designing site using specific keywords at most important places for search engine. There are many websites having quality content and very attractive to the visitors but not able to get top positions in search engine result pages. This can be due to not using keywords to important places so search engines do not consider these websites important to the visitors. There are lots of things that influence ranking of a website in the search engine. So in order to make your website appear on search engine result pages you need to learn SEO.

Today there are very few major search engines which consider Meta keywords as important; Yahoo is one of them although importance is minimal. No one can tell you the exact algorithm for any search engine its there trade secret. But there are little area which all the search engine finds important. Placing keywords in this area can give any website higher Page ranking in Search engine result pages. So here are some SEO tips that can help you in optimization.

The important areas for a Search engines are given below.

Domain name
File and Directory name
Title Tag
Heading Tag
Meta Keywords
Meta Descriptions
Hyperlinked text
Alt attribute

Search engine optimization is a method of making your web site search engine friendly and to make it rank high in the search engines. The simple way to get high page rank is to get link from other high ranking websites related to your website. Most of the people who search for those topics will most probably visit the first few websites listed by the search engines instead searching in hundreds of pages. If you have link from these websites then search engines thinks as a recommendation that your website have quality content.

The basic reason we need to optimize the web pages is because these search engine are programs that follows some algorithm when they crawl to your website. Not every web page can be crawled and indexed so easily, these crawlers have limitation. This is why we need to optimize the pages to make it easier for the crawlers to grasp the essence of the web page.

So basically to optimize a website for search engines there are two steps:

1)     To make your webpages friendly to search engine crawlers so they can easily index your website and get noticed by search engines.

2)     Make your website popular by getting link from other websites related to yours.

Natural Search Engine Optimization:
The meaning of natural search engine optimization is to optimize it for natural search engine listing.

There are two ways to get listed in search engines:
One is naturally, by getting your website crawled by the search engine as explained above or By paying the search engine for immediate listing,
Google provides Adwords services
But since most of us don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars just to get listed in search engines. So the only option left is Natural search engine optimization.

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