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Monday, 24 July 2017

Search Engine Optimization – Linking Methods to Improve Traffic to Site

When it comes to linking strategies, make sure to move out the links to a site that may hurt your site’s rank.

An example to this would be a site that places your link on a page with a hundred or more other links and is not an authoritative site. If a site is not getting at least 30,000 users or visitors per month according to traffic estimate, then consider dropping the link or you can also move it down the page. Be sure also to get the quality links.

So what does a quality link means? A quality link is the one that is on a page with a substantial Page Rank of four out of ten or higher. A page that is seen as a PR4 may present on your toolbar as a Pro. If you find a site which was a low quality but had a Page Rank 5 page, you would not want a link from it. This is because you would not like to be surrounded with quality only tests have shown that the majority of high Page Rank low quality sites lose their Page rank overtime. This implies that the benefit or advantage linking with such site is nearly inestimable.

It is also necessary for you to clean up the bad links and errors so that your site will be indexed. It pays to run a clean ship as the saying goes. Make sure you check out for broken links periodically and fix them. If you have an issue with regards to direct link missing, the solution is simple. Direct link missing refers to the page in question which has no longer has a link directly from the home page or a main category page. All you have to do is to get a link on the home page or a main category page to the page in question. If you place a link from your main category page, make sure to verify that the page is listed in the Google index.

On the other hand, tracking links merely for the aim of improving search rankings is nevertheless useless. What’s important is to look for links for their potential worth in leading qualified users and prospective customers to your site, not just for the purpose of search engine traffic.

These are only few of the techniques that will help you with the page ranks and control Google. Remember that doing your business online requires different strategies that will guarantee an online success. And when it comes to traffic tricks, you need learn how to use some effective ways or a combination of these strategies to rule the front page of Google and other search engines. Again, keep in mind that more traffic means more leads, and more leads means more money.


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