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Friday, 21 July 2017

What Sites Are Good To BackLink To?

SEO Back Linking Trick 1

Well, what are the best sites to backlink with? Its a difficult decision. Everyone always says
“Don’t spam your site, Google will hate you for it!”
“You’ll get banned from Google for backlinking with irrelevant sites!”
Fear mongering at its best. I have always stuck by one rule…
“If my competitor is doing it… and he/she is above me… then I probably should too.”

I know this makes me sound like a sheep, but I prefer it to make you sound like a hunter. To find the gold you need to find the trail. The trail in this case, is something someone else has already found… with me so far?

That being said here is the magical SEO trick for getting a list of the best sites to backlink to is….
“” (with quotes)
… but oh my! Is it really that easy? Just type that in Google and see all your competitors back link efforts?! Well…. yeah.

Now all you’ve got to do is look through the sites that pop up and see how and why they are registered with them. When you find a directory service and/or site that you are not registered with, go register with them and enjoy the added page rank that your competitor has that you do not.

SEO Back Linking Trick 2

So you’ve found your competitors linked sites, now what… here’s a second way of finding good sites to backlink with.Another ridiculously easy method which is simply:
Go to Google…
Type keyphrase you want to appear under…
See who’s there…
You’ll find that as well as actual companies/blogs, there will be directory sites. These directory sites aid PageRank and if they are appearing at the top of your keyword/keyphrase search, its highly likely that they are well indexed and sought after links in accordance to Google… This by default means its a good playground to put your name in.

Dont think too hard about if you should or shouldn’t link with someone. Google does not penalise for a single mistake. Purposefully spamming hundreds of forum boards and appearing in places on the internet known to partake in link spamming will be the end of your domain (at some point in time).

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