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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Working From Home

To be able to work from home is a dream many people have. Do you? For many the idea of being able to get up at whatever time they choose, work when they want and be able to take holidays when they want all while earning a great income to pay all the bills without worry and enough left over for those luxuries in life they crave. Or for others it is the time spent with family and friends instead of commuting that appeals. The time to do the hobbies they love.

For how many of us is this a reality? One thing is certain it IS possible but only if you are prepared to put the effort in at the start. For most working from home these days means doing something with the internet. There are many types of online working available, not all will make you good money on a long term basis but there are those that will. Too many people have wanted this dream but are not prepared to put the work in. For in reality when you start working for yourself you work a good deal harder than you ever did when you worked for someone else. Unless you are prepared to persist and really work at it then do not start for you will be sure to be disappointed.

However it is not all doom and gloom. If you are dedicated to yourself and your enterprise and are prepared to put the effort in then absolutely I am living proof that it can work and reward you handsomely. And yes it is possible to get your business to the point where your input is minor. The key that most people miss is that a lot of effort is required to get yourself to that point.

Is it worth it?
Is the effort worth being able to take 3 hour lunch breaks when your business is established?
Is the effort needed at the beginning worth being able to be there for every single sports day for your children? Every single afternoon open event at your children’s school?
Is the effort and sheer hard work required worth being able to book a long weekend away at a moments notice?
Is the repitiveness of the work worth it to be able to never have to worry how you will pay your bills ever again?
Only you can answer those questions for yourself.

So what does work in an online environment that you can do from anywhere? The most effective is to have a product range of your own that you sell to a targeted list of buyers. This can then expand into having a network of affiliates who sell your product on your behalf and you pay commission to for each sale. The first step towards this type of business is to become an affiliate yourself, this can be relatively cheap to set up and gets you familiar with the processes involved and helps you spot those holes in the market where you could develop a product to fill.

To be successful at this you need a targeted list of potential buyers. People that are already interested in what you have to sell. The trick is to generate that targeted list, but there are many very effective ways to do this. Article marketing is one, paying for online adverts is another, banner advertising yet another great way. What all these have in common is that they send traffic (people) to your website – commonly called a squeeze page – which then converts that traffic to your list.

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